Serious PHP for Real Drupal Developers

This spring Emma Jane and Lorna Jane were chatting about PHP and Drupal and workshops and came to the conclusion that Drupal developers were not necessarily equipped for Drupal 8. With all of the Drupalisms in the Drupal code, it can sometimes be difficult to implement code that is both a Drupal best practice and a PHP best practice. While there are many workshops on how to teach PHP developers how to Drupal, there were no workshops teaching Drupal developers how to PHP. Until now!

We are so excited to be offering you this brand new course: Serious PHP for Real Drupal Developers.

  • The workshop will cover object oriented programming, design patterns, Symfony2 and new language features as of PHP 5.3 that some Drupal-focused developers may not be aware of. Read more about the workshop.
  • The workshop will be conducted online, with two real-time events (September 20 and September 27).
  • Registration for the workshop is being sold per company, not per attendee. This allows companies to send as many developers as they think will benefit from the workshop.
  • Our goal is to open source the curriculum. The first offering of the workshop will be private to those who've paid for the program. If we sellout on the first workshop, we will release the curriculum materials after the course so that any community member can benefit from the instruction. (And any training company can also offer the workshop without having to pay licensing fees.) Read more about the funding model.
  • Emma Jane and Lorna Jane are both accomplished technical trainers and are very excited to be putting together this new program and using this new funding model.

There are only 25 seats available, so make sure you read through the information carefully and then get your registration submitted!